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Popular Baby Names 1992

popular baby names 1992

Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics

Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics

Suspended Animation Classic #201
Originally published November 1, 1992 (#44)
(Dates are approximate)

The Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics
By Michael Vance

When Jules Verne wrote “Five Weeks in a Balloon” in 1863, and H. G. Wells published “The Time Machine” in 1895, a new, as yet unnamed, genre was born. It wasn’t until that baby was named in pulp magazines in the 1920s that science fiction became “trash”.

Both Wells and Verne were internationally praised novelists. They created many of the touchstones of science fiction like space travel, alien invasion, time travel, and genetic engineering. But when magazines like “Amazing Stories” spawned comic strips like “Buck Rogers”, SF became incredibly popular … and beneath the contempt of ‘serious’ literature.

If millions had listened to those critics, we’d never had enjoyed “Flash Gordon”, “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and “The Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics”.

Science fiction and comic books were an obvious marriage. “Buck Rogers”, which began as a newspaper comic strip, made an easy transition to comic books in one of the first comics titles, “Famous Funnies” (1933-1955). The marriage still makes babies.

Mike Benton’s illustrated history of the genre is a lavishly produced coffee-table edition covering everything from “Abbot and Costello Go to Mars” to “Xenozoic Tales”, from “Tom Corbett” to the crew of the television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. There’s definitely many ‘somethings’ for everyone in this beautiful, well-written overview of science fiction comics. This book contains over 300 full color illustrations, an extensive comics checklist of titles, and a special section on the ins-and-outs of collecting SF comic books. It is also fun.

Among the thousands of facts you never knew, you may be amazed to learn that the folks who created “Mad Magazine” are also considered by many to have published the best SF comics as well. “Weird Science” and “Weird Fantasy” were their titles. Weird.

For readers hungry for more of this world of pure imagination and scientific possibility, this is a feast for eye and mind.

Fill your saucer and enjoy.

“The Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics”/ $24.95, 150 pages, published by Taylor Publishing/written by Mike Benton/available in book and comic book shops.

Luna Amanda Dwi Cahyo

Luna Amanda Dwi Cahyo

Luna is the Latin name of the Earth's Moon (Latin: luna)
as well as the Roman moon goddess LunaAmanda is a Latin gerundive name meaning "(female) that must be loved" and "worthy of love".

In the majority of the seventeenth century, the freshness of Restoration drama in England included the creation of bright new character names, especially for women. Most of them had a Latin root.

The name "Amanda" first appeared in 1212 on a birth record from Warwickshire, England, and five centuries later the name was popularized by poets and playwrights.[1]

In the United States, "Amanda" slowly became more prominent from the 1930s to the 1960s, ranking among the top 200 baby names.[2] It jumped into the top 10 in the mid-1970s, likely because of Barry Manilow's 1974 No. 1 hit song "Mandy," a nickname for Amanda.

From 1976 to 1995, "Amanda" ranked in the ten most popular female baby names in the United States. The name was most popular from 1978 to 1992, when it ranked in the top 4. At its prime, in 1980, it was the second most popular. In 2006, "Amanda" ranked number 102.

popular baby names 1992

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